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The Team

Aggelina Kanellopoulou

Aggelina is an animal behaviorist from Athens with a BSc in Psychology and an obvious fascination for bees. Her life-long passion for bees has been growing ever since she became a beekeeper (as have the bee stings!). She then became convinced she had to share the bee magic with the world. A MSc on Animal Behavior (Edinburgh University) was her next step which led to research jobs in bee labs in the USA, Spain and Greece. But to her, science was just a tool to participate in what actually creates change: education. Along with this vision, Aggelina has worked with children internationally in various settings, while also supervising numerous conservation events and research projects. She has designed and led a series of children’s activities on bee conservation. Now, Aggelina is dedicated to supporting bee education in her community and driven to inspire bee conservation through “The Bee Camp”.

Tatiana Kallergi

Tatiana May Kallergi is an Art Educator, Independent Curator and Artist. She received her BA in Art and Psychology and attended the programme CAS Curating at the ZHdK (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste). For 5 years, she taught Art in English at HAEF Psychico College Elementary School and has worked independently on a variety of projects and collaborations with institutions and organisations such as ISET, Athens Biennale and Goethe Institut Athens. Since 2015 she has been an invited lecturer at the AUOB on the subject of ‘Economics in Contemporary art’ and gave a group talk at the conference on Art and Education at AUEB (2017). As an independent Curator she was selected to take part in the Curatorial exchange programme by NEON and she has curated the exhibitions: Epitopou in Andros (sponsored by NEON) , ‘Curating the Archive’ at the Kunstmuseum Thun (ZHdK)’, ‘Exodic’ (co-curated with Angeliki Roussou), the student exhibition as part of the conference on Art and Education at AUEB and ‘Juvenoia’ at Michalis Cacoyannis Foundation. Her work has been exhibited in group shows in Greece, Switzerland, the UK and Turkey. She continues to further her own education and artistic practice and through the Bee Camp will use her creative attitude for a good cause!

Angelos Patsias

I was born in Athens in the summer of 1985 and grew up in the city of Drama, in a quiet neighbourhood with mud, music, my bicycle and good friends. My father was my greatest teacher. He taught me everything with silence. Ever since I was little I would see people meet him on the street and look at him with love. When I was old enough to understand, I realised that they were all his students. Perhaps it was at that point that the urge was to follow my ancestor’s footsteps and become a teacher myself.
My work became known through the people of Amario. Colleagues, parents and people living in the village and of course the children all worked together at Fourfouras Elementary school, in a united learning community which was recognized in Greece and worldwide.
In 2015 I myself put to practice what I had been teaching my students, to follow their dreams. I left Fourfouras and public education and in collaboration with Veta Georgiadou and Yiannis Sotirakos founded Big Bang School, a new elementary school in Thessaloniki which aims to change the way we think about school and education.
I live in Kastoria with my wife and two girls, embracing the value of the family and at the same time living the dream that we are preparing in Thessaloniki.

Anastasia Spinthouraki

I was born in Athens in 1991. I studied at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in the Department of Education and Education in Preschool Age, while at the same time received Child Yoga Certificate. I have worked for 2 years as a museum educator at the Hellenic Children’s Museum in Athens and at the “Theater of the Opressed” performing in schools. In recent years, I have been working as a “creator” by developing sustainable development training programs on the paths of the Parnitha National Park and permaculture sites.

Anthi Founta

Anthi Founta is a graduate of the German School of Athens. She studied Psychology at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and theater at the drama school “Delos-Dimitra Hatoupis”. She has been facilitating theatrical play for 5 years at the children’s camp “Lelouda”, and this year she has been directing for the second year the theatrical group of the GGA together with Elena Karakouli. Last year, she toured the Greek countryside as well as the German with the children’s play “The Beautiful Sleep2” of the Hippo Theater Group. Today she works as an actor and assistant director with the Idea group.

Venetsiana Kalampaliki

Venetsiana graduated in 2016 from the National School of Dance and in 2018 from the Political Science Department at the Kapodistrian University of Athens. Since 2014 she has been working with Hellenic Dance Company on performances in Athens and Epidaurus Festival as well as in the Athens Concert Hall in choreographies by Martha Graham, Jasmin Vardimon, Paul Blackman and Jukstapoz and Millicent Hodson & Kenneth Archer. In 2017 he participated in the “Rapidly Becoming” project of the Dance Association at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival in Piraeus 260 and within the framework of the same Festival he collaborated with Romeo Castellucci on the “Democracy in America” ​​project presented at the Onasis Cultural Center. She has attended seminars in Greece and abroad. She has presented her own work titled “Sinirmos” at Bios in 2016 and “Pocket Festival 2016”.