We are The Bee Camp

Bringing kids closer to nature, one bee at a time.

The Bee Camp (TBC) is an environmental education experience introducing the campers to the world of the pollinators through the arts. Focused on bees, it aims to inspire social change and environmental awareness, starting from children. Children are happier, healthier and more creative when connected to nature and we want to create this opportunity for all children.




Workshops for children focused on non-formal outdoor and environmental education


Training for Trainers

Workshops for educators that want to get involved in non-formal environmental education


Hive to Table events

Cooking events celebrating the vital pollinating services of the bees worldwide


School Workshops

Non-formal education workshops that will be delivered to school classes within school premises


The Bee Spots

Providing bee food and habitat in order to make room for the bees in the city


The Bee Agents

An inclusive scheme to engage children to become the agents of change through fun conservation missions


Corporate Events

Providing workshops addressed to companies towards sustainability


Summer Camps

Summer Camps to reconnect kids with nature through fun activities and games

The Bee Spot

The bee spots are a great way to tackle the issue of habitat loss. We are bringing the pollinators back in the city, in order to create greener, more colorful and more beautiful cities.

The Team

The Bee Camp is an arts-based environmental education program. Artists and educators came together with environmental scientist for common cause: to find ways to re-connect children with the natural world.
Fotoshooting "Studio Aleppo", Kühlhaus Berlin, 14.10.2017 Person: Aggelina Kanellopoulou

Aggelina Kanellopoulou

Aggelina is an animal behaviorist from Athens with a BSc in Psychology and an obvious fascination for bees.


Tatiana Kallergi

Tatiana May Kallergi is an Art Educator, Independent Curator and Artist. She received her BA in Art and Psychology and attended the programme CAS Curating at the ZHdK.


Angelos Patsias

I was born in Athens in the summer of 1985 and grew up in the city of Drama, in a quiet neighbourhood with mud, music, my bicycle and good friends.


Anthi Founta

Anthi Founta is a graduate of the German School of Athens. She studied Psychology at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and theater at the drama school “Delos-Dimitra Hatoupis”.

Αγγελίνα Κανελλοπούλου

Η Αγγελίνα είναι συμπεριφορίστρια ζώων από την Αθήνα με πτυχίο Ψυχολογίας και μεγάλη αγάπη για τις μέλισσες.

Τατιάνα May Καλλέργη

H Τατιάνα May Καλλέργη είναι Εκπαιδευτικός, Καλλιτέχνης, Επιμελήτρια. Ολοκλήρωσε με έπαινο το πτυχίο Τέχνη και Ψυχολογία από το Reading University.

Aγγελος Πατσιάς

Γεννήθηκα στην Αθήνα το καλοκαίρι του 1985 και μεγάλωσα στην πόλη της Δράμας, σε μια ήσυχη γειτονιά παρέα μ’ ένα ποδήλατο, λάσπες, μουσική και καλούς φίλους.

Ανθή Φουντά

Η Ανθή Φουντά είναι απόφοιτος της Γερμανικής Σχολής Αθηνών. Σπούδασε Ψυχολογία στο Εθνικό Καποδιστριακό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών και θέατρο στη δραματική σχολή “Δήλος- Δήμητρα Χατούπη”.

Take Action

How can you help?
Pollinators need help, but we know how to help them! Scientists and research partners that have been studying pollinators for over three decades have been able to show that conservation techniques work. If everyone – home-owners, local governments, national governments, and private industry – made the effort we could change the future for pollinators and secure our own.

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