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We really believe that educatioν is the best possible way to go forward in the effort to find better ways to connect with nature and create cultural change.
Only with educating the next generation, inspiring respect and love for the environment will we ever be able to hope for a more sustainable, a more just future for all.
The Bee Camp is an arts based non-formal environmental education experience aiming to raise awareness for environmental issues related to pollination and to inspire respect for the future of this planet. We aim to bring urban citizens closer to nature and aspire to make change starting from the present with the Bee Spots.


6 forms of art ( painting, dancing, sculpting, theater, music and documentary creation) are going to be used in the effort to find new, more creative ways of expression and of reconnection. The workshops are lead by professionals of each field and aspire to raise awareness about the important role of the pollinators and create a connection between people, cities, food and bees.
Using as an example the life of the bees, some of the most important pollinators, we hope to inspire cultural change for the future citizens of the urban centers.


Children are happier, healthier and more creative when in touch with nature!
We want to create opportunities for every child growing up in the city to develop their own , unique relationship with nature and with their food.

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